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‘We Screwed Up’ Contest Winner

‘We Screwed Up’ Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone for airing their screw ups for us. Mimi and I got a lot of good laughs out of your stories. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to laugh at other people’s misfortune and the brief glimpse into Mimi’s gas problem that was offered.

The best screw up is Dr. Ruthie:

Oh goodness, where to start?

There was the time that I was demonstrating a condom at a safer sex workshop, and to show how much it stretches I rolled it over my hand and spread my fingers. Too bad I didn’t trim my nails first! Of course, it broke and my little demo failed miserably. Now I stick to putting them on dildos, inflating them or rolling them down my fist.

Or how about the time a little kid burst into a private pleasure workshop for moms, grabbed my big, plushy vulva puppet and hugged it to her face while cooing “prrrrrretty!” I’m not sure who screwed up there, but it was certainly funny!

Perhaps the best one is a classic. It wasn’t so much the wrong person, but the wrong time. With a huge snow storm outside and the dorm room to ourselves, we decided to try a little light bondage and then add in some cherry sauce, chocolate, etc. Of course, someone pulled the fire alarm and the RA insisted that we vacate the room immediately. There he and I stood in the snow, both wearing pastel bathrobes, flip flops and ice cream toppings, and him with some bits of rope still attached to his limbs…. shivering away while our friends laughed! I’m proud to say that we marched bravely back to the room afterward and continued where we left off.

That sounds like a deliciously embarrassing time!

Thanks again to Tabu Toys and all those who entered and good luck on our next not arbitrary contest.