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Toy Covers provided for review by Eden Fantasys


Safer sex is something very important to me and Joseph. The cleanliness of our toys is also important to us. When it comes to anal play or the possibility of sharing a toy with another partner, it’s best to protect yourself. Toy Covers, a product of California Exotic Novelties, is a non-lubricated condom designed specifically to do just that.

Since the soft pink latex condoms are lubricant free, it allows you to use your silicone or water based lubricant of choice. This also means that the Toy Cover is less likely to slip out of place while you’re using the toys. Being non-lubricated is perhaps the biggest selling point for Toy Covers. Okay, other than the fact that you can slip a new Toy Cover over your “traditional size” dildo or vibrator (whatever the hell that is), lube it up, use the toy on a partner, slip the condom off, and then use it on yourself without fear of… contamination.

Technically speaking, having Toy Covers can make post-sex clean up faster and easier, but I am not one to advocate the continual creation of unnecessary waste. If you can’t really clean your toy adequately within a reasonable amount of time, you don’t need Toy Covers, you need a better sex toy.

Yes, it serves its purpose quite well. Do you hear a “but”? I do.

At this time, for me and my relationship with Joseph, it’s not worth it. The toys we use for anal play can be and always are sanitized. We don’t share any toys with other partners because we are currently monogamous. Both of us have been tested and both of us are healthy. The presence of Toy Covers in my life essentially equates to a shrug at most. However, I could see this product meeting the needs of other individuals. As always, you should keep in mind your own needs before purchasing.

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Covered up toys…


I have a big problem with this product. Namely, there is no reason for its existence. Toy Covers are just unlubricated condoms except…you can’t use them as condoms. It says right on the box that they should not be used for intercourse. That warning would make me a little nervous. Why can’t they be used as condoms? Do they not provide an effective seal? Are they not strong enough? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of putting them on your toys to share with someone else?

While you can use a regular unlubricated condom as a toy condom (and know the condom is doing its job) , it does not work the other way around. You see what I’m getting at here? Just. Buy. Condoms.

“But they come in different sizes,” you say. SO DO CONDOMS.

“But they come in pink,” you whine. SO DO CONDOMS.

“But I have 0% chance having intercourse,” you correctly point out. Well…you have fun with your pink pseudo condoms.

The Naked Truth

Entertainment Value: N/A



Ease of Cleaning: N/A

Overall: ★★★☆☆


I take it back, these are totally useful.