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The Little Rooster

The Little Rooster

The Little Rooster provided for review by Gallus et Mulier Limited


I can’t think of a better way to wake up than to have my clit stimulated, first gently and then more vigorously. The only way it could get better is if pancakes and coffee closely follow. My love of breakfast food aside, when Joseph told me about the Little Rooster, I was really excited at the prospect. It takes a lot for me to orgasm, so I didn’t expect to wake up to that particular sensation, but I still expected it to be better than waking up to cats meowing in my face or repetitive, loud beeps.

It arrived in a white box with GALLUS ET MULIER printed in black letters across it. “Cock and woman”, I believe. Overall the design is stylish in an austere way. There’s a black satin pouch (again, with “GALLUS ET MULIER” but with white text), a small manual, and a transparent sheet of paper that says (translated): “Every animal is sad after sex, except the human female and the rooster. – Claudius Galen (AD 129 – 217)”.

The Little Rooster itself has a hard, white plastic body with a small digital clock that also indicates how much battery power is left. The manual explains very clearly how to use it.

For a cordless vibrator, it can get surprisingly intense. When it started the first morning, I woke up comfortably, then waited for it to go through its whole cycle. I expected it to be done and was a bit startled when I felt it vibrate stronger rather than hear the beeping that indicated it was “done”. Applying a bit more pressure, of course, intensifies the sensation. To the extent that you may want to masturbate or have sex immediately.

I was also impressed with how well it stays in place during sleep, even for an active sleeper such as myself. It’s not terribly snug, but unless you sleep completely nude, you should be fine. One night the button that’s supposed to be in the middle during sleep slid out of position so that it didn’t go on in the morning according to the timer. Every other night is has worked fine.

Cleaning the Little Rooster is easy because aside from the texture of the seams, it is completely smooth plastic. Plus, it’s not meant to go inside you, so there’s not really an excess of bodily fluids to be concerned about. Since it’s rechargeable and the charging socket is smartly located at the flat end which rests on your pubic bone, there’s no battery compartments to worry about either.

If I were to recommend a sex toy to a friend, this wouldn’t be in the top five, especially if they don’t already own any other sex toys. However, I do appreciate it as an extra luxury, as a means of waking up without personal offence while also encouraging a… stimulating morning.



This product appealed to me for a couple of reasons. I like innovation and I have never seen anything like The Little Rooster before so I was excited to see how this cool idea would translate into reality. Secondly the thought of having my wife wake up horny every day was pretty appealing–well ok, maybe that was my primary motivation. Being sexed awake seems like a MUCH better method than the alarm clock.

When it arrived I was rather impressed with both the packaging and the minimalistic design of the product itself. Sleek and slender, it looks fairly elegant if you can stop your brain from comparing it to a tiny spatula. The two round buttons to either side of the display are unlabelled and unobtrusive and (with the help of the instruction booklet) control the time, the alarm, and the intensity of the device. Speaking of the controls, while using the Little Rooster is fairly intuitive, if you lose the instructions, it may take awhile to remember how to do everything.

Mimi wrote about the user experience and, since I didn’t use it and it was not designed for me and my balls, I’ll leave that alone. I will note that what happens most often when she uses it is that she will half-sleep through all of the vibrations and then turn the buzzer off and go back to real sleep. This product has not induced the morning ravages that I was hoping for but that may just be due to how sleep deprived we have been lately.

Even though it failed to turn Mimi into the sex-crazy zombie that I’d hoped it would, The Little Rooster is a great product. It was an awesome idea and it was realized awesomely. One thing that I think is really appealing about it is that it is very accessible. Because of its design and ease of use, I could see many women who are normally stand offish about sex toys because they are intimidated or disgusted being completely open to a product like this. I imagine ladies in pointlessly large hats discussing the merits of their Little Rooster over tea.

There is also the possibility of using it for sexy fun times out on the town. Because it lays flat against a woman’s pubic bone it does not make a noticeable bulge in clothing. So long as you are not wearing a skin tight dress or yoga pants (which you should not do in public) no one will be the wiser. So you (or your date) can set the alarm to go off at any chosen time in the evening and viola! — the boring lecture you have to go to is more stimulating, the fancy dinner you and and your date have planned is more exciting, or lull in your workday afternoon is conquered. Just be sure to switch if off before you panties start beeping!

My business idea: The Big Rooster


The Naked Truth
Aesthetics: ★★★★½
Intensity: ★★★★☆
Volume: ★★★★★
Ease of Cleaning: ★★★★★
Functionality: ★★★★★
Overall: ★★★★★