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Splash Gentle Feminine Wash

Splash Gentle Feminine Wash


Unlike many of the older women in my family, I’m not a pampering product junkie. A lot of functional and/or luxurious objects still equate to clutter in my mind. So that’s what I mean when I say that Splash Gentle Feminine Wash is not something I would normally consider buying for myself. (I’ve got soap. Why do I need “special” soap?) However, as a reviewer I am much more open to various types of products and despite Joseph’s snarky comment about how Splash is “probably just overpriced soap” when the product first arrived here, I was ready to give it a fair chance.

I received the “naturally unscented” version of this product because my body is very selective and unforgiving, and it really is virtually completely fragrance free. After inspecting the bottle, which has a very youthful, girly design, I was pleased to note that Splash has not been tested on animals (major plus), it is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, supposedly removes odor causing bacteria, and is “perfectly balanced to complement of woman’s PH”. (Also, if it matters to you, this product is glycerin free.)

Most of the ingredients are recognizable (water, coconut oil), but you may not recognize EGMS and DMDM Hydantoin. These ingredients are more than likely in many of your standard store bought shampoos, conditioners, and soaps.

As for how it felt, well, it doesn’t feel like regular soap. It has a slightly slicker, almost oil-like quality to it, perhaps because of the coconut oil derived ingredients. (I’m not a damn chemist.) This feels really, really good on the sensitive skin. I found myself washing and massaging more thoroughly than normal just because it was a pleasure to experience. And with Splash, a little goes a long way. One 4.2 oz bottle should last a few months, even with daily use.

I can’t really know whether or not Splash is improving the smell of my vulva, especially because I don’t generally have any problem with unpleasant odors. If you have noticed a serious problem with odor, you should probably see a doctor instead of relying on this product to cure you.

The only odd consequence that I noticed was that my vulva felt moist for a couple hours after using Splash, as if someone lightly sprayed me with a water bottle or like I didn’t dry myself off well enough post shower. It may or may not happen to you if you use Splash – different bodies after all – and I do not perceive it as being a significant hassle. Shower the night before, wear cotton panties, and/or wear pants that aren’t incredibly tight if you’re concerned.

Not only am I really glad that we received Splash for review, 4 or 5 months from now when the bottle is empty I know I’ll feel inclined to replace it. It feels luxurious yet it’s not a huge, unreasonable strain on my budget or my space.


I’ll be honest, I had no idea what this was or that we were getting it. Mimi and I put a list of sex toys and things from Tabu Toys together and this was one of Mimi’s picks that I said “yeah, whatever, fine” to. After taking it from the box and inspecting it a bit, I proclaimed it to be “just soap.”

Once the surgical procedure required to remove my head from my ass was complete, I was more able to evaluate the product on a fair level. I tried a little bit on my boy bits in the shower and found it to be soap. Really awesome soap. It is (as Mimi said) slightly slicker than regular soap and feels just delightful on sensitive skin. It rinses easily and leaves the skin feeling moist and clean.

The package design looks like something you would see at Target but hidden within the uber-trendy label is a very well thought out and well executed product.

In summary: Splash Gentle Feminine Wash is soap. Just like a scalpel is a knife and nail polish is paint. It is soap made a special way for a special purpose.

The Naked Truth:

We don’t really have ranking categories that fit this product.

Overall: ★★★★½


Not that pussy, silly.