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Sex in the News: Vol 1 – Week ending 1.29.2010

Sex in the News: Vol 1 – Week ending 1.29.2010

Top Story:

Australlia bans depictions of small breasted women and depictions of female ejaculations. Words fail me.


Hawaii decides not to vote on same-sex civil unions this year because it is an election year. Boo Hawaii.
Testimony ends in Prop 8 trial. Appeal expected regardless of outcome.
eHarmony finally allows gay and lesbian users. Of course they had to be sued first.
Indiana senate Oks same sex marriage ban. Douches.


Planned Parenthood and Siecus release report on the failings of abstinence only education in Mississippi. Doy
The term oral sex in a dictionary causes problems in Riverside, Ca.
Wisconsin passes bill making teaching of birth control and STIs a mandatory part of sex ed.
Parents in Green county, OK are trying to get a book that makes reference to same sex couples raising kids pulled from school library shelves. Cause they are dumb.


Bettersex.com says that LELO NEA is the sex toy of the year for 2009. Anyone surprised to see LELO win?
Adobe subtly points out that the iPad won’t play most internet porn. My blackberry does…


New emergency contraception effective up to five days after sex. Probably will give you cancer in 15 years.
Pfizer to tone down sexual innuendo in Viagra commercials. Pfizer still sucks.


Older folks still getting fun-kay. And it makes them healthier.

Who cares:

Tiger Woods blah blah sex blah blah.
Bristol Palin vows no sex till marriage. And blathers to Oprah about it.
Andy Dick arrested for sexual assault.

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