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Running out of space

Running out of space

Ok internets, help us out.

As we continue to review products and more wonderful suppliers feel inclined to send us products…we are running out of space. If you’ve been following us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll notice that we’ve been keeping our toys in nightstand drawer.


Look how our too-small drawer is now exploding with sexiness.

The poor thing is going break

This is where you come in, dear readers, in the form of suggestions or (if you really love us and our drawer) gifts.

So what do we do with our veritable landslide of pleasure products? We are aware that products exist specifically for this purpose, but we can’t afford them.

We don’t really store our toys like this because it is bad for them. Cramming your toys together can damage the softer, nicer ones by placing permanent dents in them. There is also a school of thought that storing silicone toys together will deteriorate them over time.

UPDATE – Tunti has graciously agreed to help us solve our storage problems and will be sending us a case for review. Thanks, Ilse!