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pjur Woman Aqua

pjur Woman Aqua


Years ago when I started having sex, I didn’t give lubrication much thought, despite being one of those females who’s bodies simply do not produce enough lubrication. It’s like some kind of cosmological joke. I have sensitive skin and a very active libido combined with the damned Sahara desert down there. (Okay, so it’s not that dry. Or hot. Or deadly.) It is probably understood without saying that problems can arise.

pjur Woman Aqua is a good product for someone like me because it’s water-based, fragrance free, non-toxic, and “dermatologically tested”. We’ve been using this lube for a little over a week, and I haven’t had any complications with my skin. Aside from skin bliss, it’s also pretty good for just about any sexual activity you want to engage in, although perhaps best for masturbation and genital intercourse. And of course, because it’s water-based you can use it with any sex toy or condom.

Given pjur Woman Aqua’s liquidy consistency (think simple syrup or a thinner version of chocolate syrup), it can be messy. If it were the type of lube to get sticky and nasty, I would not forgive it for being prone to drip all over the place. I spilled some on the bathroom floor by the sink when preparing to use anal beads, and didn’t clean it up right away. When I came back to clean it, I actually stepped in it without realizing because it just felt like I stepped in water. The slipperiness on the bottom of my foot (no, I didn’t fall over, thank you) is what made me aware of having stepped in lube.

When we used pjur Woman Aqua during genital intercourse, we only needed to apply lube once in the beginning and it lasted without getting sticky or tacky. Did you catch that? It didn’t get sticky or tacky. IT DIDN’T GET STICKY OR TACKY. I love that. Afterwards, I didn’t feel the need to go to the bathroom right away and clean myself off. So many water-based lubes dry to filmy, sticky residue. Not this one.

We haven’t used pjur Woman Aqua for anal sex, and I’m hesitant to say it’s a great idea because of this lube’s thin consistency; however, it seems like this lube could handle it, provided that you keep it close by for re-application if necessary.

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I like this product quite a lot. Mimi has already touched on almost everything that there is to be said about it, so I’ll just reiterate that it doesn’t get sticky or tacky. Really, that’s a big deal to us. Every water-based lube that I’ve tried so far except for this one gets gross pretty quickly.

The bottle makes a lot of claims about this product. For instance, it says that the lube is “latex condom safe – long lasting – extra slippery – oil free – fat free – fragrance free – stain free – no after use clean up – dermatologically tested for skin and mucous membrane compatibility – non toxic – tastless.” The only things that I take issue with are that it is not *quite* tasteless and dermatologically is not really a word. Ok, that second issue is not fair or important. Dermatologically is a perfectly valid fake marketing word and its inclusion on the bottle is not in any way detrimental to the product.

pjur Woman Aqua is reasonably priced (16.95 for 100ml @ Tabu Toys) and I think that it is perfect to keep around as an all-around lube. You may want something thicker for anal play or a flavored or truly flavorless lube for oral play but other than that, this lube will not disappoint.