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pjur med CLEAN

pjur med CLEAN

They can be used for that, too

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This product is pretty much an adult version of Wet Naps. A good one, at that.

As any man that has ever charmed the cobra without proper planning knows, come is damn hard to clean up. Water just makes it sticky, normal soap just rubs it around. It’s like trying to clean up melted marshmallows.

I took one for the team and made myself a big sticky mess earlier today. It was on my hands, penis, pubes, and lower belly. I’m a hella hairy guy, too. So when I say that it was a mess, I’m not kidding. Now that you have that lovely image in your head, let me tell you how freaking easy it was to clean up with one of these wipes.

It only took me one of the “intimacy soft cleaning fleece” wipes to clean myself completely. All that sticky mess gone with just one little wipe. It left the area basically scentless and slightly moist. So that’s it for how well it cleans intimate areas. I’ll leave the description of how it works on sex toys to Mimi.

Now, down to brass tacks:

The pjur med Clean wipes are alcohol free, perfume free, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. The package says that they are intended for gentle, hygienic cleaning of intimate areas and utensils. As far as the anti-viral aspects, you should take that with a grain of salt. The package clarifies that “when cleaning utensils pjur med clean has to a certain extent an anti-viral effect against lipophilic, enveloped viruses.”

The package that we were sent contains 25 wipes. It also has a resealable opening so that your wipes will stay moist until you need them and if you’re livin’ right, needing them shouldn’t take you too long.


There isn’t much for me to say about the pjur med Clean wipes. They’re soft wipes. They’re alcohol and perfume free. They perform their job well. Ta-da!

I used them on myself – both to freshen up and to clean come off of me – as well as on a few toys. Just as Joseph said, one wipe is truly sufficient. In fact, when I used two wipes on myself because I felt especially unclean pre-sex, it caused a slight stinging sensation for a few seconds. After inspecting myself, I could find no sign of irritation, but I would still recommend only using one wipe as a time. If nothing else, you’ll save money that way and create less waste by only using one wipe.

According to the packaging and based on my own experience, this product does not negatively affect latex, rubber, or silicone so you should be able to use pjur med Clean wipes on your sex toys. They’re especially handy for toys that are prone to collecting (cat) hair and lint or toys that have a lot of ridges that make cleaning them quickly an art form in itself.

I’m not going to be using this product frequently, but to know that it’s there for special circumstances, like when I don’t feel like taking a shower, is really comforting. Just like chocolate pudding and reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Naked Truth:

Effectiveness: ★★★★★

Astringency: ★★★★½

Overall: ★★★★½

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