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njoys Fun Wand

njoys Fun Wand


I purchased njoy’s Fun Wand almost two years ago to accompany my Hitachi Magic Wand from Babeland after searching online for the right dildo. My specifications were for the toy to be metal, glass, or silicone; double sided; curved for g-spot stimulation; and slender.

Medical-grade stainless steel, 1” at its widest, curved perfectly for g-spot stimulation, and double sided with one end beaded – the Fun Wand seemed perfect. The graduated beads were a selling point for me because I wanted to have the option of that sensation. If you’ve read my other reviews, you know that I prefer versatile toys.

When I first held it in my hands I remember thinking that 11 ounces was heavier than I thought, but the weight felt “right”. Not heavy enough to be scary, not light enough to incite apathy. Very satisfying. I also enjoyed how responsive the Fun Wand is to temperature. (It seems redundant to mention temperature play with a metal toy, but you know, if you’ve never experimented with metal before, it might not occur to you right away.) I like a slight pinch of cold steel before insertion, but if that’s really not your thing, the Fun Wand warms up quickly in your hands or under warm water.

Initially masturbating with the Fun Wand was really awkward, in fact I experienced a “SHIT I just spent $88 on a toy I don’t like” moment. Reasons: 1.) super smoothness + lube = one slippery object, 2.) it’s 7-1/2” long, which after insertion leaves you few inches leftover to maneuver. However, these complications are easily remedied with practice and not overdoing it with the lubrication.

Alas, I took a deep breath and kept at it, despite slippage that disrupted my rhythm and my chi. There’s a payoff to determination. It’s a big wet one commonly referred to as female ejaculation. I’ll admit that I don’t actually care a whole lot about squirting. I’ve had many really intense, amazing orgasms that did not come with a wet dramatic finish.  I’ve also squirted before when it seemed entirely unwarranted. I didn’t even feel an orgasm coming! It’s exciting in a way, amusing, and inconvenient to varying degrees (you will need to change your sheets, maybe flip the mattress, etc.) – it’s not the measuring stick for a good time. So if you don’t do it right away or even within a few weeks of using this product like I did, don’t stress about it.

You will have a good time. You will have fun. They changed the name of this product from Saturn Wand to Fun Wand. Why? Because it’s a lot of damn fun. (Actually, I’m guessing.)

The Fun Wand is also great for anal play, especially for beginners. The beads are small (again, 1” at it’s largest), smooth, and easy to clean. I can’t personally vouch for this, but it seems like men would enjoy it, too.

Fun, sexy, versatile, high quality – could you ask for a better dildo?


We affectionately refer to this toy as “the spaceship” because of its sleek, futuristic style. I guess it was the second sex toy I had ever seen up close before and it did a lot to sell me on the use of sex toys. This is not something that is sketchy or questionable. The words “dong” and “ultra-erotic” belong nowhere near this toy.

It comes in a very sturdy black box emblazed with the brand name njoy in silver. Inside the box is a form fitted resting place for the Fun Wand covered by a soft fuchsia fabric. Much like a really fancy coffin….

Anyway, morbid comparisons aside, the packaging alone speaks of quality and care rather than marketing and lowest common denominator.  The medical grade shiny steel toy itself is seamless and has a very satisfying weight to it. The design makes it clear that it was created to be multi-purpose. One end is wider and curved in a way that immediately pops “g-spot” into one’s mind and the other end has graduated beads that look very much like a set of anal beads. I wonder why.

Although I have not personally experimented with it yet, it seems like it could certainly be used for men or women. The experience that I do have with it is helping Mimi use it when my fingers are too sore to do the job. I’ll be honest, it is not comfortable to use on someone else. The graduated beads do not lend themselves to being held at that angle and the steel is not forgiving. Having said that, I have a special place in my heart for anything that makes Mimi squirm the way that this toy does.

If you are looking for a toy that will bring a little respectability to your toy chest and last forever without costing several hundred dollars, the Fun Wand is a very attractive option.