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Leather and Chrome Crop

Leather and Chrome Crop

Striking end

Crop handle

The Leather and Chrome Crop provided for review by Black Label


Spanking is something I’ve become very interested in over the past few years. Thus far I have only been spanked by a man’s hand or by a hair brush, so the assortment of possibilities still makes me squirm with anticipation, curiosity, excitement, and a tinge of fear. After noting the woven leather, the simple and sophisticated design of the Leather and Chrome Crop, these emotions returned to me, colliding all together between my legs.

The Leather and Chrome Crop is approximately 26 inches long and a half inch thick, except for the striking end, which is a leather loop a little over 1 inch wide. In terms of description, there isn’t much to say that you can’t see in our photographs.

I really like that this riding crop is classy looking and not covered with crushed velvet or big red words like “SLUT” or “BITCH”. Joseph can call me names, if it fits our mood, and I’m not opposed to having these names appear on my body, but I don’t care to see them on our spanking implements. They just look cheap and gaudy to me. I’m kinky, not a 14 year old.

Aside from looking good, the Leather and Chrome Crop delivers a perfect sting. Plus, it feels sturdy, like it can handle a lot more use. As I mentioned, this is my first experience with a crop, but I still feel like I can say confidently that even if you are not new to it or spanking, it’d still be a really great toy.

I can basically sum up my relationship to the Leather and Chrome Crop by sticking my ass in the air and moaning like a cat in heat. More, please.

Full Crop


As I have no experience with any other crops, I don’t feel qualified to make any comparisons. However, I do get the distinct impression that the Leather and Chrome Crop is a fabulous representative for all Crop kind.

It feels quite at home in the hand and makes a very satisfying sound as it slices the air toward Mimi’s waiting ass. Based upon the sound that Mimi makes upon connection and the few test swats that I gave my upper leg, I would say that it inflicts a sharp stinging sensation with very little effort on my part. Because of the length, springiness and material, it is perfectly suited for pleasurable punishment.

The Naked Truth:

Durability: ★★★★★

Aesthetics: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★

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The crop is also wonderful for fending off the vacuum-tube-wielding hordes of Owl people…