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Fairy Mini Mini

Fairy Mini Mini

Fairy Mini Mini

The Fairy Mini Mini provided for review by My Pleasure


I’ve been using a Hitachi Magic Wand for a few years now and although I am completely satisfied with it, I recognize that it has weaknesses, for some women more than others. It’s very large. It’s loud. It has a plug-in chord which limits its portability. Oh, and it looks like something your grandmother’s grandmother used to get off. It’s a fucking dinosaur. For Halloween I jokingly suggested to a friend that he dress as the Hitachi and chase his girlfriend around their apartment. Despite my love and devotion to the Hitachi, I know it’s a daunting and sometimes frustrating piece of machinery.

The Fairy Mini Wand is clearly someone’s attempt to improve on the design of the Hitachi. Most of the description on the packaging is Japanese – in fact I was a bit confused as to what exactly is the name of the toy, “Fairy minimini” or just “Fairy”? – but the product is self-explanatory. The Fairy Mini Wand is 7 ¼” x 1 ¼” and comes with two options for power; an AC adapter as well as a battery pack that plugs in to the base of the wand. The battery pack takes six AA batteries and has a long cord to attach to the wand. While the battery pack does effectively make the wand portable, it certainly does not make it discrete. It sounds like a dental drill or a little jet pack made for cats and small dogs. It’s actually louder and more distinct than the Hitachi.

One difference, which I find to be a real bonus, is the dial used to control speed. Much more allowance for specified control. This goes along well with the small diameter of the vibrating end because the user can control the speed and pinpoint the spot that needs attention.
I prefer the broader coverage that the Hitachi offers. I’m not exactly sure why, but my orgasms are always more intense with the Hitachi than the Fairy Mini. And I don’t argue with my orgasms. When you go 21 years without having an orgasm, you welcome them happily. You burn incense and slaughter goats in their honor. If your orgasms need less of a Thor’s hammer approach, then the Fairy Mini Wand might be a perfect balance.

The Fairy Mini Wand that we were sent came with two attachments. One of them is intended to broaden its application and it fits nicely around my clitoris. The only problems I can see with it are that 1.) it looks like a baby alien and 2.) it’s really flexible and when combined with the flexible neck of the Fairy Mini there is not a whole lot of pressure. The second attachment looks like the baby alien’s older brother and it’s pretty useless. The part meant to stimulate my clitoris was a little too short and way too pointy to be appreciated. The part meant to stimulate me vaginally was… boring.

I like the Fairy Mini Wand just fine without its attachments. I can use it during sex easily and in the event that I want (or Joseph wants to) delay clitoral orgasm it works perfectly. And that’s not veiled criticism. Sometimes we really don’t want me to have an orgasm quickly so that there can be a more gradual, torturous build up toward orgasm. Or I need to give my g-spot a lot more attention so that I can squirt.

Basically, if you want to pick one – a Hitachi Magic Wand or a Fairy Mini Wand – it will probably depend more on your individuals needs than on one toy simply being better than another. Both are excellent vibrators.


When unboxing the Fairy whateveritiscalled I had high hopes for failure.
The box is covered in mostly covered in Japanese and what little English there is doesn’t make a whole lot of sense: “Operate it easily with one hand. The size that the world minimum is compact.” (Mimi and I want that last part on a T-shirt.)

Hilariously bad translation alone does not mean a product will be low quality. However, the Fairy looks kinda cheap, the one that was sent to us has something audibly rolling around inside, and the attachments look…well…silly. So I thought that would be one of those products that is funny to use and fun to bash in the review. Then I turned it on.

The high pitched and high intensity buzz that this tiny thing produced changed my mind almost instantly. I got really excited and couldn’t wait for Mimi to try it. I sensed a throw down between the Hitachi and the Fairy coming on. I heard it all in my head:

Hitachi: “You stay away from Mimi’s vag!”

Fairy: “You tell Mimi’s vag to stay away from me! You think your fat ass
can compete with this?”

Hitachi: “You did not just call me fat! Come ‘ere you little bitch!”

From there it is just a cat fight mess of cord-pulling and name-calling.

Odd daydreams aside, I really thought this unlikely newcomer might give the Hitachi a run for its money once Mimi got to test it out. Now obviously (as you have already read) it did not take the Hitachi’s place in her heart, but it is certainly not a piece of junk like I originally thought. For women with different sensibilities than my lovely wife’s, it could easily be the champ.

One final note; the product’s name does appear to be the Fairy Mini Mini and it has two Minis because it is two sizes smaller than the original Fairy Massage Wand from Japan. I cannot find an example of the original but if this monster is the “mini” then I can see why there is a need for a Mini Mini.

The Naked Truth:

Intensity:  ★★★★★

Volume: ★★★★★

Aesthetic design: ★★★★½

Versatility: ★★★★☆ (there are attachments available)

Ease of cleaning:  ★★★★★

Overall:  ★★★★★ (if you live alone) ★★★★☆ (if you live with a non-partner)