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Dear Mimi Update Formspring

Dear Mimi Update Formspring

Dear Mimi,

Hows Josephs father doing, if you dont mind me asking?!

Why dont you use formspring? Oops thats two questions.

– anonymous

Dear Anonymous person who can count,

Josephs father is doing much better! I wont get into specifics you understand, right? but the situation is less dire for him. We should be able to begin posting again soon, even if we just start with our Guest Reviewers.

We dont use Formspring because we dont see the point, to be blunt. I mean, our readers can ask us anything via email, Facebook, or Tumblr. We already have those forums in place so there really isnt much reason to open another account.  I spend enough time at the computer, thanks.

But if you want to tie me to this chair (and I know some of you do), you can send me some more questions, comments, complaints, etc. at mimi@undressedreviews.com or undressedreviews@gmail.com. Also, Gmail chat is fun on a bun and will definitely keep me trapped here for-ev-er. Sandlot style.