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Contest — We screwed up!

Contest — We screwed up!

We recently screwed up.

We mismanaged our various wishlists of sex toys and ended up with two of Tantus’ Bend Over Beginner kits because it was on two lists. Whoops.

Now you can be the most fashionable mannequin torso on your block!

We thought the best way to deal with our excess booty would be to give it away and the wonderful folks at Tabu Toys agreed with us.

So…without further ado, here are the rules:

Leave a comment on this post telling us about a time that you have screwed up. It could be a professional screw up (asking two suppliers for the same product), a personal screw up (the time I was hitting Mimi with the Leather and Chrome Crop and she farted all over me and we laughed so hard we had to stop) or just screwing the wrong person.

Just like our last contest, sexiness is not required but it may help you with our ultra-non-arbitrary selection process.

Understand? Great. You have until New Year’s Day 2010.