Undressed Reviews


The times they are a-changin. At least here at Undressed. I doubt that Dylan had a sex toy review website in mind when he wrote those words, but appropriation is what makes our culture great…right?

Thinly veiled social commentary aside, we will be rolling out several changes to Undressed over the course of the next couple of months. Almost all of these changes are intended to broaden our horizons, so to speak. We aim to make a place for free discussion of anything and everything to do with sex; not just sex toys. To that end, here are some of the things we are going to try to bring to the table:

• Guest Reviews – We’ve actually already started this one (yay, Z and V) but you
should see the amount of reviewers as well as the frequency increase. If you’re
interested in being a guest reviewer, send us a request.

• Sex in the News This will be a weekly round up of sex that we’ve seen in the news
over the past week. Media runs the full range from progressive and positive to
bigoted and disgusting. We’ll try and catch as much of the relevant stuff as we can,
but if you see something please send it along.

• How-to articles and videos – How to clean your butt plug, how to tell your parents
that you are gay, how to not tell your parents that you are gay, how to properly
service a vagina, etc. Want us to research and write a column about a topic you are
curious about? Send it along.

• Interviews – There are lots of negative forces in the world giving us stupid or
ignorant messages about sex, but there are also a slew of great ones! We hope to
get some good ole Q and A time with some of the great ones. Know of someone
worthy of being interviewed? Send us a note about them.

• Columns – These are secret for now, but we think we’ve got some that will give you
a window into some very interesting perspectives. Got an idea for a column? Send it

• Dear Mimi – You know…just like Dear Abby….yeah, ok. So, you send us in your
questions and Mimi will respond to them. We hope to get one of these up every
Sunday but that is really up to you, isn’t it? Got a question? Send it along.

Exciting, right?

I hope you noticed a theme there cause I was not subtle about it at all. For this to work, we really need your help. We need you to comment, send us emails, and become active in this safe and sex-positive community that we are trying to build because let’s face it; You are the community.