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Babelands Showerbabe

Babelands Showerbabe



I was pretty excited about this product because due to height difference and a small shower, we cant have intercourse in the shower without the inclusion of a stool (which is awkward) so this product meant new ways to play in the shower.


Overall I am very pleased with the Showerbabe. It has two intensity settings which have not been enough to get her off by itself, but have been a great companion to my fingers or tongue. The settings are activated by a button on the bottom of the handle which can be somewhat awkward to use while the Showerbabe is inside of her. However, the handle itself is great because things do tend to get slippery in the shower.


Out of the shower, this is a good product as well. Because of its tapered tip and slim design, it is a great companion vibe for clit stimulation during intercourse. We had been using a Hitachi Wand which got the job done, but got in the way too much. The Showerbabe allows for her to pinpoint the vibration where she wants it without also vibrating my balls.


The hard plastic construction makes it extremely easy to clean which I love.




The ShowerBabe is the first hard plastic vibrator that I’ve had, and although it was quite a change from my glorious Hitachi Magic Wand, it’s still quite enjoyable. We were attracted to ShowerBabe because, as you can guess, it’s waterproof and that little handle on the end sounded like a good idea.


I really enjoy our foreplay in the shower before heading to the bedroom (or the couch, the floor, the chair, the desk…) and the only danger we run into is not wanting to take the time to dry off first! Compared to some other vibrators that I’ve heard, ShowerBabe isn’t really that loud and its level of noise is appropriate to the intensity, which you can change between a regular and a high setting.


I didn’t really enjoy it inside of me, perhaps because of its shape, but against my clit it felt great. With this vibrator you can really find the points, movements, and pressures that please you in exactly the way you want to be pleased.