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Adult Toybox

Adult Toybox


The Adult Toybox is a 12” wide x 9” deep purple faux leather hard zippered case to hold sex toys in. It has fabric pocket on the back and an elastic strap sewn down in various places so that you can suspend things of different sizes from the top of the case. Things like condoms or sampler packs of lube or bullet vibes or small candles or butt plugs or…well, you get the idea.

Included with the case is a tiny lock for keeping people from “accidentally” discovering your oh-so-naughty box of pleasure. That must be what the lock is intended for because that is really all that it is good for. It is the kind of tiny suitcase lock that airport security will snap off to search your bags if they see fit. The lock does, however, have the logo for the company that makes the case. As do the zipper pulls and a tag on the inside…and a tag that was attached when it came. For Your Nymphomation certainly doesn’t want you to forget where you bought it. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with building a brand identity. Hell, we are trying to do it ourselves.

The tag also tells me that it was made in China. Whoever made it in China did a bang-up job. The case feels sturdy and appears to be well made. When I read that it was faux leather and purple no less, I expected it to be ugly as hell. Despite my trepidation, the Adult Toybox has a certain amount of class, a certain j’ne sais pas. It is large enough to hold quite a few of our toys and eased our overburdened drawer and it is fun to open it up and see our toys neatly splayed at my fingertips.



I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to organization. It’s within my nature to continually assess and reassess a space and my possessions to see if the organization can be improved. When you’re short on space and funds, it becomes an art form.

Our bedside toy drawer was organized pretty well, but then seemingly overnight the space went from a bit disheveled to The Fucking Drawer Will Not Fucking Close And I Cannot Fucking Find the Lube I Want And For Serious Where The Fuck Is My Gigi?!?!?! – obviously, this was not efficient. One does not want to have to empty out half of the drawer just to find one item. Or curse so much. Or say, “for serious” in a serious manner.

Our needs were simple. We need a case for sex toys. This toy case needs to fit underneath the bed because we have no extra closet space. Great suggestions were offered to us in regards to toy organization, but they won’t fit under the bed. Major drawback.

The For Your Nymphomation Adult Toybox meets our needs perfectly, but it also does so stylishly, which appeases my inner princess. And my outer hostess. Let me explain – the friends who stayed in our apartment before the wedding know about our website and they’re very supportive of our decision (hooray for good friends) so if they found a clear plastic container full of dildos, they’d probably just laugh hysterically. However, there are occasions when such a discovery would not be treated similarly, such as when my landlord comes over. It’s nice to know my toys are safe, organized, and hidden inside of a sexy little purple case.

The Naked Truth

Aesthetics: ★★★★★

Practicality: ★★★★½

Discretion: ★★★★★

Capacity: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★


Life of the fucking party

Now what will we put in that drawer?